Marvin Gilbreath arrived in Weimar, Texas in 1938 with 15 cents looking for a job. After hard luck and odd jobs he started his own produce business M-G, buying and selling chickens and eggs. In 1940 he bought a small produce company.  He then decided not only to buy the farmers produce, but to sell them feed and supplies. In 1942 he started grinding his own feed from grain bought from the local farmers.

The M-G FARM SERVICE CENTER site was purchased in 1943 and in 1944 he converted an old cotton warehouse into a feed plant. In a few years M-G Produce Co. had sales of a million dollars for the first time. The business was incorporated in 1956, with the stockholders consisting of employees and Gilbreath himself. The company went public in 1961, issuing 100,000 shares of common stock.  In 1965 Gilbreath sold his controlling interest of common stock.

A year later M-G, Inc had sales of nine million dollars. Over the years the Feed Mill and Farm Store were expanded and remodeled to accommodate the growing business. The FARM SERVICE CENTER provides farm and ranch service, lawn and garden, hardware, pet supplies, sporting goods and food products.


M-G, Inc.
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